Saturday, November 26, 2011

Nearly finalized a Linea MJD E Pk, last minute soul searching

Nearly finalized a Linea MJD E Pk, last minute soul searching

I've been planning to buy a diesel sedan for quite some time and accordingly, I had test driven the Verna Fluidic, the Vento and the Ford Fiesta. (Both the Petrol and Diesel versions, though I had no intention of buying a petrol)

The first Vehicle I test drove was the Volkswagen Vento:

Powerful Engine.
German Build.
Competent and capable after sales.

Looks don't appeal much to me.
A*S*S expenses are unknown and going by past experience, likely to be expensive.

Next Hyundai Verna Fluidic:

Good looks.
Powerful Engine
Hyundai A*S*S, though regularly engaging in daylight robbery, is marginally competent.

Felt extremely uncomfortable driving the car, couldn't wait to return it back to the showroom and get away. The seating position was uncomfortable and the steering was all over the place.
Hyundai A*S*S regularly engages in daylight robbery.

Next was the New Ford Fiesta


Good looks.
Nippy in city driving. Engine has adequate power.
Excellent handling, after all it is a ford :) Really enjoyed the TD.
Ford A*S*S is a known quantity and not particularly expensive anymore.

Overpriced, very.

I was pretty much sold on the Fiesta but sometime last week, while waiting to get the driver's side mirror of my Indica Turbo replaced, I suddenly felt the urge to go and TD the Linea. We took a long TD, nearly 30kms, highway, inner city and industrial district.

Fiat Linea MJD

Great looks.
Great handling with hydraulic power steering, you do feel connected to the road, felt at home in the driver's seat. In fact, the advisor was surprised when I told him I had never driven the Linea before.
I'm used to dealing with Tata A*S*S.

Availability of spares, though the dealership informed me that since there is demand due to sufficient no. of Lineas on the road, spares like mirrors etc. are usually in stock.
Dunno whether Fiat will still be around 2-3 years down the line.

Anyway, I decided to follow my heart and I intend to book a Bossa Nova White Linea MJD E Pk tomorrow for 9.28 on road. I've been through ownership reviews here and on Teamfiat as well as talking to the one friend I have who owns a Linea. However, before I finally book the car, I would like to know of any reasons why I shouldn't.

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