Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A query, especially for residents of Hyderabad!

A query, especially for residents of Hyderabad!

Hey guys!

I've recently moved into Secunderabad by virtue of my new job. I soon realized the need for my own mode of transport here, and realized that getting my bike from Chennai to Secunderabad might not be really worth it, as the NOC is going to be valid only for a few months, and I'll have to get the registration changed, and considering the fact that I'll eventually settle in Chennai (This might be a 1-2 year assignment), I don't think getting my bike from chennai makes too much sense.

I've hence decided on getting a new bike here, and enquired at a couple of showrooms (Yamaha and Bajaj). What surprised me is that the Yamaha guy just wants an electricity bill with anyone's name :eek: for address proof. He says "paisa diya, gaadi liya". The bajaj guy says you just pay cash and take the vehicle. This definitely sounds fishy. When I spoke to a friend, he says that these guys will give you only temporary IDs (as the RTO is apparently closed due to the Telengana issue), and that when the RTO actually calls you for proper registration, you'll have to give a proper ID proof. Now I'm staying in a PG which doesn't really have any sort of a rental agreement, so that's a slight issue.

My question is, is it really possible to get a bike without such proper address proof? Though the absence of a concrete proof is a slight issue, I can arrange for one by getting a relative here to sign a pseudo rental agreement or something like that (As I think office endorsed ID proofs don't work, as I was told). Can any of you experienced Hyderabadians enlighten me on this, as the whole prospect of getting a bike without concrete documents sounds fishy, and I definitely want to get my bike in as clean a way as possible.

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