Thursday, November 24, 2011

Re Sleeving the cylinder

Re Sleeving the cylinder

I went through the whole forum and couldn't get much proper info of how is the re-sleeving of the cylinder done. I tried searching on the internet too and got the basic knowledge that a new sleeve is fitted into the cylinder using the specialized lathe machine.

But in this specific (cylinder) thread i would love if someone who has done sleeving of the engine and throw some light on why it is or isn't recommended.

I have had mixed reactions from people saying that the re sleeved standard cylinder is not at par with the stock std cylinder, performance wise. But i am yet to understand why?

Bike Guru's kindly share the info. (Basically i want to know about a 2 stroke engine Re Sleeving, but even if any other bike has been re sleeved, i would really appreciate them sharing the experience)

Thanks in advance, Cheers !!

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