Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Skoda Yeti - Which Tyres for Replacement

Skoda Yeti - Which Tyres for Replacement

This topic has been discussed in different ownership threads for Skoda Yeti. So far the Yeti has been without any major issues, except stock tires - Goodyear Excellence in the size 215-60-R16.

I have experienced major side cuts in two tires - one on a tyre that had run 16000 km and the other on 300 km. This in spite of careful driving.

While the stock are good, while they last, there is a sort of consensus on BHPians who own the Yeti that it really needs a tires which are more suitable for Indian road conditions - perhaps a set of A/T tires or something that is more suitable.

Some of us plan to head for Leh - either in June or September of 2012. We think that the stock tires could prove to be a show stopper.

The problem is that the choice of tires is extremely limited in the stock size. There appears to be difficulty with import of tires due to some regulations that prohibits the import of non ISI tires.

While there is greater choice available for 215-65-R16, but this increases the diameter by 3.25% and ride height by 2cm. In itself an increase in ride height by 20mm may not be bad thing, as it increases the GC from 180mm to 200mm.

The questions that I am trying to explore are:

1. Given the vehicle and constraints what are the choices in stock size?

2. How prudent would it be to increase the size to 215-65-R16? How would this impact the ride and handling? Would there be any issues with suspension? How would this change affect torque as gear ration would also change - albeit a little?

3. Any other alternatives?

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