Sunday, November 27, 2011

Strange Noise when Braking, Swift VDI , with 13 ODO

Strange Noise when Braking, Swift VDI , with 13 ODO

Hi Experts
Need some expert advice.

Have been getting some strange sound while braking in my Swift VDI( 2 years old, 13K ODO). The sound damps out as Car comes
to halt or slows down enough. This started happening after my 4th Paid Servicing two weeks back. When Idle, the Brake press
doesnt seem to make any noise, but its very evident when slowing down from 50kmph speed with glasses up. Had shown to MASS
last week, they removed the front wheel and cleaned the brake pads with Sand paper( see PIC). During the test drive it
looked fine , but sound started coming after 20KM of so. MASS was mentioning, I may need to change brake Knuckle or wheel
bearinigs if the problem resurfaced. Need expert advice as I need to see MASS again this week, as problem resurfaced.

Also, one more issue was , during my recent service MASS suggested to change the Clutch assembly ( costing 7.5K) stating it
has worn out. I went ahead with SA adivce though I was reluctant, fearing mid way breakdown. My car is Self driven and
mostly inside Bangalore traffic, with ODO of 13K , is it normal to Clucth to wear out so fast. Have attached some snaps of
faulty flywheel assembly, is is possible to make out anything from snaps. Did MASS cheat me ?

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