Monday, November 14, 2011

To buy or not to buy a T Jet+

To buy or not to buy a T Jet+

Gentlemen....I have waited long, saved hard and am now ready to buy the car I love the most. A Fiat Linea T Jet+.

I have read everything I possibly can about this car, its little brother's, on this forum and this gives me the confidence to buy this car. One thing is clear, this is the best drivers car in the segment. There is nothing to beat it.

As usual and being a Fiat, I have some concerns and this probably was the result of doing dealer visits. I am also glad I did a round up of all the important dealers in my city. It now gives me an idea about who cares and who does not.

I did write to some important people at Fiat India. The usual suspects most people recommend writing to on this forum. There was no straight forward answer from them.

I had visited Prerana Motors in Lalbagh. I had casually asked them about when the last T Jet+ was manufactured. They went through their computer system and said May 2011. I was shocked. I do not really want to buy a car that has been sitting in the stock yard for the last 6 months. Your thoughts on this? Besides, Prerana was not really interested in selling me a car. I was treated really well by Mr. Suhas. What annoyed me the most was a "NO" for every question I had. No display car, no test drive car and no finance person. They did follow up on the finance bit yesterday.

It was a similar story, if not as bad when I asked the same question at Concorde and Aadya Motors. The car will be 3 - 4 months old. Concorde went on to say that Fiat car production is stopped in November or end October to clear all un sold units.

Who or what do I believe and the end all question, do I buy this car?

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