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Attention SX4 Diesel Owners - Diesel Filter Issue !!!!!

Attention SX4 Diesel Owners - Diesel Filter Issue !!!!!

From past one month our SX4 was not performing optimally. The mileage dropped from a consistent 13.5 kmpl in the city to about 10.5 kmpl in the city. I was shocked to the core. The 1.3 MJD was known to be a frugal engine and nobody in the forum ever complained of such dismal efficiency figures. Since the car was mostly driven by the driver, I suspected he was riding the clutch while
driving. So I took over to driving the SX4 & gave my Dad our trusty little Santro.
But no matter how I drove, I just could not go above 10.6 kmpl. The next thing I suspected was the fuel station. I changed 3 fuel stations, but to no avail. The mileage figures wouldn't bulge. A few days back while cleaning the engine bay, my driver noticed an abnormal amount of muck on the diesel filter assembly.
I suspected that there was a leak from the diesel filter. Took it to the service station the next day & my suspicion came true. On speaking to my S.A,he confirmed that there was indeed a batch of SX4 D's that had this problem. He also mentioned that their service centre had carried out such repair for about 50 Sx4 D's so far. MSIL had provided VIn no's of such batch of cars to all dealers.
It so happenes that my car was not on that batch list, but still has this problem !!!!!!:deadhorse
They immediately took my car for repair. What they did was to simply take out the filter, tighten the filter cap & fit it back. Here are some pics -

The muck coated fuel filter
Attachment 859236
Service guys taking out the filter
Attachment 859237
After tightening & cleaning
Attachment 859238
Copy of Service Circular issued my MSIL -
Attachment 859227

It's been a day after repair & so far I have not seen any leakage from the filter. In any ways, the leakage was too tiny to be visible from the naked eye. So I have my eyes peeled & fingers crossed.:Frustrati

The objective of this thread was to bring to notice such an issue, as there might be many SX4 D owners who have not been contacted by their dealers.

Mods, I could not find a thread pertaining to this issue. Kindly merge, if such a thread exists.


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