Tuesday, December 13, 2011

If you follow traffic rules in Bangalore ,you end up like this !

If you follow traffic rules in Bangalore ,you end up like this !

Thought will share with you whatever I went through yesterday .

Date :14 December 2011
Time : 5pm IST
Location: The Elevated Toll road from Electronic City
The other vehicle : Alto,KA01MA5586

For those who dont know ,the speed limit on this toll road is 80 kph .But ,its very rare that you see people follow this limit.Its only when vehicles approach the point where the Bangalore Traffic Police ( BTP) stands once in a while ,that people slow down to 80 .And ,once you see from the distance that there is no cop standing ,downshift and floor the A pedal .

I left office at 5 pm and was driving at 70 kph on the left lane .There was another vehicle that was overtaking me on the right when I see this Alto being driven like mad cutting in and out of traffic .This idiot tries to squeeze in between my car and the other vehicle that is overtaking me .All this on a 2 lane road ! I swerve to the left to avoid contact and just gesture at him for driving so rash .I put my hand out to say this .All of a sudden ,this moron brakes right in front of me ,forcing me to stop .Vehicles behind us somehow avoid a pile up .

2 guys get down from the car and seeing my MH number ,start speaking in Kannada .I do understand Kannada ,but I cant speak .So i reply in English .
They tell me that I am from MH and should go back to where i come from .It seems in KA they dont follow rules .I only tell him that he should be driving more carefully and the speed limit is 80 which he was clearly exceeding .

Both these people jump on me and one guy starts punching .I somehow block them and give it back with a kick and a slap .Realising that they cannot do much ,they start calling the other cab drivers and tell them that this guy from MH is teaching us rules in KA !!

He also tells me that rules are for your baap ! The next time you hear someone honking in a KA car either crash your car off the bridge or make way !

And , i am left with a fractured little finger .All for following traffic rules !

Another thing I want to point out are the shameless car drivers .All of them were watching this enfold in front of them ,but no one came to stop this .Hadnt i given back ,dunno what extent would this have gone on to !

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