Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pride and Excitment of Battle field - Desert Storm

Pride and Excitment of Battle field - Desert Storm

Hi All,

This thread will be dedicated to RE desert Storm. I will be writing a short initial Impressions. PICS and others details to follow.

Little Background. Please pardon me for the post.

Grown up as army person's son, and dad riding a army bullet. this was my first ride on bike. My dad has lot of memories behind bullet which i'm not the right person to speak upon. Though i had little knowledge about Two wheelers, i have grown up with many of them.

Love for royal enfield started when my friend bought new RE electra. Since then was happy with 1999 RX135 bought from showroom. it served me good 10 yrs before i bid bye to it and bought TBTS.

Unfortunately TBTS dint stay long with me. After 11 months of ownership had to get away with it.

Then booked RE 500 classic and famous waiting period started. fast forward in the month of october then came the RE DS. without any second thoughts booked and famous waiting period started fresh.

November 9th 2011 got a call from RE dealer to make the payment. 11/11/11 made payment for the bike and was promised to get it by next week. as usual it took them 25th november for registration.

Initial Impressions

>From the time it is on road, The attention it has got is worth the mention.

Everywhere people chase me and ask "sir from where did you get your bike repainted". :uncontrol

Believe me after answering 30 odd people that this is not repainted bike, this is a new bike. i was caught by traffic cop.

Pulled to the side:
"Sir when you can spend so much money for repainting the bike, why cant you spend another 100 rs for writing the number.". this cop dint believe that its a new bike till i showed the tax receipt". he said sorry and moved on.

About DS.

Apart from usual RE famous quality which i was aware after reading Randhawa's thread, all seem to be fine with bike.

Some joints are left out without painting. apart from that i didnot see any other issue with the bike.

Bike till Now:

bike has clocked 550 Kms and has been given for first service.
Had changed oil and oil filter at 140 kms. kept it under 60 kms till now which is hard to resist.

Issues faced till now are:
1. Difficulty in turing right or left. the handle seems to be very tight.
2. meter needle vibrates very badly between 40 and 60 kms.
3. at 400 kms near st johns signal my bike died. Neutral light and engine light blinking continuously. As soon as engine cutoff switch goes to off position, horns works fine. and when engine cutoff switch is in on position again these light blinks and bike is dead. Stranded on road, new bike bike embarrassment to peak, and passersby ask me where i have repainted my bike,.:Frustrati

Called RE helpline. He came to rescue after 2 hrs of wait. removed the battery, reconnected it. Opened the fuse box removed and placed the fuse again and voila bike started. Though i didnot face any problem thereafter, to be on the safer side gave it for first service today. waiting for delivery in evening. only time will tell whether the problem will crop up again. But confidence level has gone down after this issue whether i can go back from office at late hours which i usually do. Question still remains and only time will tell whether my thought was right or wrong.

Will post the PICs in the evening.

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