Thursday, December 15, 2011

Problematic- 2003 honda city automatic gearbox

Problematic- 2003 honda city automatic gearbox

Hey guys
My friend has a 2003 honda city automatic 1.5. Few months back she had a problem with the gearbox and the honda guys said the gearbox casing is cracked and we need to change it. So they took it for the change and it took them 3 months just to get the casing. Once changed, they returned the car saying its in perfect condition.
I took one spin on it (my friend doesnt know much about cars) and found that it was worse than before. The box was not shifting and the car was bouncing all over the place. (thats another issue, but later)

We made the honda technician come over (whitefield honda) and drive it with us sitting in it. Only after that he admitted it was not right. He took it back. When he came back saying now its fine, its showed the same problem. Which is, until the engine warms up (5-6 kms of driving) the gears dont shift normally. The car goes all the way to 50kmph before it shifts to 2nd gear. And then pulls long on 2nd too before shifting to third. But once it warms up, the shifts, both up and down are smooth.

Does anyone have any idea why this is happening, cause the honda guys have put up their hands saying they have no idea what is wrong with it.
Any views or similar experiences (with solutions :-) ) will be welcome.

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