Thursday, December 15, 2011

Safest Road to Kerala per current conflict between TN & KL on the Mullaperiyar issue

Safest Road to Kerala per current conflict between TN & KL on the Mullaperiyar issue

Dear All, This is the time of the year when we (people who work in other states) travel to our home/native and mostly every Bhpian would love to drive :) . Unfortunately there is tension between the Tamilnadu and Kerala (the state borders being the most vulnerable) and it is quite challenging for Keralites traveling to Tamilnadu and Viceversa. Please note that this thread is not for discussing the "mullaperiyar issue" , but only to guide all our fellow Bhpians to drive home safe be it Kerala or Tamilnadu.

To start with I can say that I drove from Cochin to Bangalore last week, I entered Tamilnadu through Valayar/coimbatore border @ 11PM and had no issues driving till Bangalore. I have heard mixed comments on people driving viceversa and some say driving in the day is a risk now as you/vehicle can be targetted if passing through a protest demo. The Theny / Idukki border is a strict no no as of now.

Few things to consider
  1. Is it Ok Driving a KA vehicle through Tamilnadu (if you are a Keralite) or vice versa escpecially in the borders?
  2. What are the risks with a TN vehicle entering Kerala or the other way around?
  3. Best time to drive to avoid such issues?
  4. Best route to take if you driving from Bangalore to Kerala "In my case - Cochin" ?
  5. If trying to cross Karnataka - Kerala border (Gundalpet - Sultan Bathery or Mysore - HD post - Mananthavady etc), which is best road to take considering the condition & distance?
  6. Recent updates on the Kanakpura- Sathyamangalam - coimbatore - Palakkad road.
  7. Recent experiences of your drive through the state borders
  8. There are also rumors that vehicles might be stopped in TN during the days towards Christmas as they know there will be lot of people traveling home
and so on ....

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