Saturday, December 17, 2011

Security Cheques (For Car Loans)

Security Cheques (For Car Loans)

I am on the verge of closing my loan with ICICI for a 3 year period , its been quite a while since i last applied for a car loan and was slightly unsure on one aspect which i thought i would seek advise on from the community

My loan agent has told me that i need to submit 4 security cheques as part of the documentation , i dont remember doing this during my previous loan ( which in all fairness was 6 years ago) , each cheque would be the emi amount.

my loan repayment is going to happen through a direct electronic debit from my account.

my questions are

1. do all banks require these cheques ,is it a standard process for loans now?
2. will icici be enchashing these cheques or will they simply keep it with them and in the event there is an EMI default use them to recover the money?

or are there other aspects of this beyond the 2 above?


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