Saturday, December 17, 2011

Bangalore - Kumaon route?

Bangalore - Kumaon route?

I have a big Corbett fan, and been wanting to visit Kaladunghi and Corbett park for quite some time now. Planning to do a road trip sometime within the next few weeks.

What is the best route for doing Bangalore - Kumaon in a SUV in winter (Dec/Jan)?

One option is to go via Mumbai - Delhi. The other is to go via Nagpur - Pench (and then which route? There are a few options, not sure which one is the best).

Small stretches of bad roads or even no roads are fine. Total time to reach (either Tanakpur or Ramnagar) is more important. Fog on the roads is also important because that will reduce driving speed.

Bangalore - Kumaon via Mumbai: This should be doable in 2.5 days I feel (unless fog is a factor). Or should I allocate 3 days?

What about via Nagpur? Which route, and how long?

I can drive in the night if roads are more or less safe i.e. no roadblocks created for mugging :-). 12-15 hours travel per day should be doable.

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