Friday, December 16, 2011

In Images – Five minutes with the Nissan Leaf

In Images – Five minutes with the Nissan Leaf

The Nissan Leaf was handed out to journalists in a private area yesterday in Noida. The Leaf takes on this journey to eavesdrop on India’s comments at the Auto Expo 2012 and win some fans on the way. It has no plans of extending its stay as the lack of charging terminals and India’s power shortage woes has it worried.

Economies of scale

Nissan Leaf start buttonThis one’s making the Micra owner blush – Same start button on Leaf!

We spent a few minutes driving the Leaf and this is what we could get.

Christmas Tree sign does not mean Santa’s arrived

Nissan Leaf tree sign

Tree sign is a gauge rewards your driving habits - More trees mean you are impressing her!

Leaf connotes a greener environment, right?

Nissan Leaf badge

Leaf stands for Leading, Environmentally friendly, Affordable, Family car

Did someone leave behind their hair gel?

Nissan Leaf drive selector

No, that's the Leaf's drive selector - Choose Eco mode and turn off AC for maximum range

So many buttons and controls!

Nissan Leaf interiors

No weight saving or cost cutting measures here - It feels just like any other vehicle

Alloy wheels, so what?

Nissan Leaf regenerative brakes

Regenerative braking charges battery, special tires lower rolling resistance

Look! Even the neighbors can charge their mobile phones on this car.

Nissan Leaf charging port

No, you don't charge mobile phones here. This is the Leaf's own charging port.

Color codes warn you on the approaching storm?

Nissan Leaf information screen

No! The intensity of grey varies with the number of charging stations in the region

Nissan Leaf Image Gallery

Nissan Leaf-9 Nissan Leaf-8 Nissan Leaf-7 Nissan Leaf-6 Nissan Leaf-5 Nissan Leaf-3 Nissan Leaf-13 Nissan Leaf-11 Nissan Leaf-1 Nissan Leaf tree sign Nissan Leaf start button Nissan Leaf regenerative brakes Nissan Leaf interiors Nissan Leaf information screen Nissan Leaf drive selector Nissan Leaf charging port Nissan Leaf badge

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