Sunday, December 4, 2011

Double Wishbone Motorcycle Suspension

Double Wishbone Motorcycle Suspension

I searched the technical forums and couldn't find any results for John Britten so creating this thread.

I recently came across a email forward which spoke of the John Britten V1000 in quite superlative terms. I researched and read up on this amazing bike. One thing which struck me as quite innovative (thought perhaps Hossack and BMW motorcycle suspensions preceded this) was the use of a double wishbone suspension up front instead of telescopic forks (I think this was on the V1100). The website also went on to say that such a set up was far superior cos dive under braking could be set up according to the rider's preference (pro-dive, anti-dive, etc. or even any combination of them. For example the V1100 was set up so as to make rider's comfortable with a familiar dive for some 80mm of initial travel and then to rise (or perhaps compensate) for the next 20mm :eek:.

Though, I was able to understand how such a suspension setup would link mechanically, I wasn't able to grasp how these pro/anti dive and combinations settings were possible.

Can someone explain how this is done.
(I've heard the same about cars as well. Apparently the front if set up for anti-dive, has the components making an angle with the vertex behind the wheel. But couldn't understand the physics behind that either :Frustrati).

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