Sunday, December 4, 2011

Team-BHP Car of the Year 2011

Team-BHP Car of the Year 2011

It's back again; The Team-BHP Car of the Year poll, where YOU the BHPian will choose our car of the year.

Listed below are the launches of 2011. Also listed are some relevant high-points on each car, along with the market's response to it.

  • The cars have been sorted in price-ascending order (cheapest first).
  • It's only the ALL-NEW cars that are included in our COTY. That excludes the "refreshed" headlamp & tail-light versions, facelifts and engine variants.
  • This is a public poll. Other readers will be able to see what car you have voted for.
  • Cars costing over 50 lakh rupees, including many fully-imported-cars (CBUs), have been excluded from our COTY. Reason = Low relevance to the marketplace.
  • Link to our 2010 COTY.

Look forward to your votes, and also the reasoning behind your choice. Thanks!

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