Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hyderabad --> Mysore

Hyderabad --> Mysore

After numerous trip done on NH-7 Hyd -> Blore -> Hyd, now I have to include Hyd -> Mys –>/<– Blore -> Hyd trip to my travel itinerary.

Wifey and I are visiting my in law's place at Mysore and I was wondering if I could take any available alternate route just so that I don't have to touch Bangalore to reach Mysore. I will be driving my swift VXI the whole distance by myself at night.
When I looked up the maps on Google, it gave me 3 options. Of the 3 options I have straight away ruled out HYD -> Mahbubnagar -> Raichur ->Bellary -> Mysore route as I've learnt from my friends the road conditions are pathetic and is longer than the remaining 2 options.

Option 2 is the usual route that is the Hyd -> Anantapur -> Bangalore. The safest option, however I'l have to reach Bangalore before I reach Mysore. (Not a problem, just looking for alternative routes)

Option 3 is what I was contemplating on- Hyd -> Gooty -> Bellary -> Mys. I have never travelled this route either but this was also suggested by one of my colleagues who had done this route few years ago. I'm unsure about the road conditions, safety and convenience of option 3 therefore, If anybody has travelled this route, I could really use the feedback and suggestions to plan my journey.

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