Thursday, December 15, 2011

Accent CRDi - Piston Sleeve Crushed like EggShell

Accent CRDi - Piston Sleeve Crushed like EggShell

I own a Hyundai Accent CRDi 2003.

In April 2011 (ODO: 87889), on recommendation from Kusalava Hyundai (Vijayawada) I had a complete Engine Overhauling done, replacing all 3 pistons at the cost of Rs. 56,575.00. They assured me, my engine was good for at least another 1,00,000 kms.
I then regularly got the car serviced at (ODO : 89074, 94331, and 102301)

On 14, December 2011 at 2:00 AM in the night (15th early hours), while cruising at 100kmph (5th Gear, 2500 RMP), my car (ODO : 103998) experienced complete failure. I assumed it was electric failure, due to the battery and moved the car to safety and checked for fuse outages and battery terminals. The car refused to crank also.

I called Lakshmi Hyundai, (Hyderabad, Attapur Branch) the next morning and as the car was not starting even by jump starting, we towed it to the service station.

Upon reaching the service station, the analysis through the OBD port for any ECU errors did not return any error. The service engineers came to a conclusion that, it was an engine problem because they could not rotate the engine freely and opened the engine block.

To my utter dismay, we could see metal floating in the engine oil in the engine block. The engineers were surprised and told me that they have never seen anything like that.

Upon investigation, they concluded that the metal was from the piston sleeve from the first piston.

The metal pieces were like an egg shell after removing the shell off a boiled egg. How can metal be in such a state unless it was a substandard part from Hyundai ? Is this the quality of parts they sell at Authorized Service Stations or are Authorized Service Stations selling duplicate parts ?

I called Kusalava Hyundai and the Service Manger there, one Mr. Babu was very rude to me and when I asked if they would take any responsibility, asked me to take it up with Hyundai as the Hyundai warranty for spares was only for 10,000 Kms and 6 months.

So, does Hyundai take responsibly only for 10000 kms and does this imply we have to get complete over hauling every 10,000 kms because of their sub-standard parts ?

Lakshmi Hyundai estimated the repair cost at Rs.1,00,000 before they assess the damage to the engine block and told me the cost would go up, in case there is damage.

I feel cheated by Hyundai, and all their promises.

Is this "New Thinking "? Where in there is an engine overhauling every 10,000 kms ?
And they are making "New possibilities" by cheating customers?

I was stranded on the road at 2 AM.

Yeah right ! Hyundai helped me reach somewhere and stranded, but not my where I wanted.

And how can someone responsible say they have nothing to do with it ?

Weren't Sleeves made out of iron alloys and were supposed to be very reliable??

Is this even possible ? How can the sleeve slip and be crushed, unless they screwed up at the Foundry during the overhaul ?

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