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Professional Car Detailing - 3M Car Care (Pune)

Professional Car Detailing - 3M Car Care (Pune)

Products Sold:
  • Car detailing packages
  • Meguairs & 3M car care products
  • 3M Sun films

What I like:
  • Absolutely spic and span facility.
  • Adequate parking space and neatly maintained.
  • Staff is always in uniform with all safety gear.
  • Separate sections for washing, polishing and doing underbody treatment.
  • Neat lounge with sufficient auto magazines to spend time while your car is being worked on.
  • Neat product display.
  • Professionalism exhibited by their staff and attendants is unmatched so far.
  • Superb VFM.

What I don't like?

What I bought from them:
Powershine package for the Swift and my colleague got foam wash done on his Honda City in the past. He also got sun films installed on his City from them.

Location address:
3M Car Care
Magnum Corporation,
2 Giga space,
Viman Nagar,
Pune 411014

I recently saw a new outlet coming up in Pashan next to HDFC Bank.

Contact person: Mr. K. Umesh, +91-20-64010050 / +91-9011559966

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A little background:
I was attending a certification class and the parking lot of the institution was set amidst a lot of trees on an open plot. Every evening for 5 days I had tree sap all over the car. This was worrying me and I wanted to take the car for a wash but just couldn't manage time to get it done. The usual car wash I visit is quite some distance away from my work place so I decided to try out 3M car care in Viman Nagar as I had been there before with my colleague.

I began calling them at 9:30 am but got no response (Didn't know their timings). As thorough professionals, they called me back on my cell as soon as they opened shop at 10:00am and gave me an appointment for 10:30am. I reached at 10:20 and requested for a foam wash. The store manager personally attended my car and recommended to go for a Power shine package since the tree sap wouldn't come out with foam and water. The cost was a meager Rs. 895/- + taxes. I gave a go ahead and a job card was made.

Powershine package includes:
- Washing the entire car.
- Vacuum cleaning the interiors, cleaning the carpets.
- Applying a layer of some product to get rid of tar and tree sap from the car.
- Polishing the entire car, the dashboard. Cleaning up and the engine bay and detailing it.

I got a call back at 12:15 confirming that the car was ready for delivery. I reached the place and was thoroughly impressed with the outcome. Their store manager Mr. Umesh explained all the details of the job carried out. I pointed out at a few minor scratches the car had and they were immediately cleared using rubbing compound. Total cost: Rs. 895 + Rs. 92.19/- tax. Also bought a couple of micro fiber cloth packets from them.

All in all a great place to get your car detailed in my opinion.

Some pictures:

At start of work:

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No time wasted in hanging around, car was immediately taken in and vacuum cleaned:

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I have some pics taken by my colleague before the job was carried out and I'll upload them later.

Engine bay after detailing:

Attachment 857131


Attachment 857132

Roof: (trust me, it was terrible before)

Attachment 857133


Attachment 857134

Customer feedback neatly placed:

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Car care products:

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View from the lounge:

Attachment 857137

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Services offered:

Check this thread out.

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