Sunday, December 11, 2011

The R15 - A query

The R15 - A query

Hey guys,

I had gotten myself a red R15 V2.0 recently. The bike has been great so far, with the killer aspect being her looks. Today, I took her out on a long drive (To Bidar, which is 125 Kms from where I stay). But there I was in for some disappointment.

I was riding with a Pillion, and since the roads (NH9) were quite good, I decided to do a quick top speed test. Now, in normal riding, I shift at 4-5k rpm, and that is what I did here as well. Shift from gears 1-5 at ~4.5k RPM, and gave her the beans in 6th gear. The vehicle reached 106 Km/Hr, and the speedo got stuck there. The RPM was refusing to budge after 7.5k. I was disappointed, as I had expected at least 115-120 Km/hr with a pillion. However, the bike goes upto 110 Km/Hr in fifth (till around 9k RPM), and then in sixth somehow manages 112 odd. I managed a top speed of 114 Km/hr that way. (All this was only when the roads were very clear, and in a 4 laned highway).

Yes, the bike is relatively new (has done 640 Kms till date, and first service is still pending, and I don't think a short top speed burst would do it much harm, would it?), but this incident has now left me tad disappointed. Is there anything wrong in my method of riding? Can other R15 owners throw some light as to how they achieve higher speeds, or does the pillion here make so much of a difference?

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