Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Strange acceleration issue in my Pulsar 180 UG3

Strange acceleration issue in my Pulsar 180 UG3

Hello Bikers, i am facing this peculiar acceleration issue in my pulsar which has munched 31,000 kms.It takes ages to accelerate from 7K RPM to 8K RPM in fourth and fifth gear. It hits 80 kmph in 5th gear at 7K RPM and even if i twist the throttle fully,neither the RPM nor the speed increases rapidly(Before it used to just sprint) .Now it just acts as if its too lazy!!This is really annoying when overtaking on highways!!

But the strange part comes at 8K RPM. As soon as the RPM crosses 8K, it pulls as if its been given a shot of nitrous oxide!! It literally blazes past 100 kmph. The feeling is like a turbo kick you experience in car.It pushes me back on the seat!

I thought it might be a clogged air filter and changed it to a new one.No use.Changed the clutch assembly at 29,000 kms.

Help me solve this problem guysplease:

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