Saturday, December 17, 2011

Is this a scam ? Or a plain mistake ?

Is this a scam ? Or a plain mistake ?

Yesterday night at 8 pm - I receive a sms from Red Bus confirming my ticket number and PNR for 2 tickets booked from Mumbai to Goa for the 18th morning !

I get a shock and check my mobile - there is a missed call from an unknown number, I call back and it connects to Red Bis call center / help line. I explain the whole story to them - and get to know that the tickets have been booked by one Mr Gregory Cahn and the mobile number given is mine. So I prod further and find out that the payment is done through net banking of Axis Bank and not a credit card. I do not hold any Axis bank account but my mom does.

So I quickly log in to the Axis Bank account and check for transactions to Red Bus - nothing. Now I am confused !

Why did I get the sms ?
Is it a mistake ?
Or was my mobile number simply given by the person booking the tickets ?
Or is it a something else ? A scam ?

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